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As well as selling reclaimed wood, we make a range of handmade products and undertake commissioned work. To request a quote, please submit the form below explaining what kind of work you would like done. If you’d like a variation on one of the products appearing in our product gallery, navigate to the item and click the ‘Add to Quote’ button to include it in your request.

Please note that prices given on this website are for a standard model of each product, and that variations may cost more or less. The appearance of the product you receive may also differ slightly from the one in the image, as we create our products from the wood we have available at the time. If you want your product to be made of a certain type of wood, please include this in your request, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Due to their bulky nature, items such as furniture cannot be delivered by post, and must be collected from our store.

We make products to order so if you’d like to request a quote for something not appearing in our product gallery, please contact us.

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