About us

East Midlands Wood Recycling CIC diverts waste wood from landfill and puts it to good use, by the collection of wood from building sites or other producers of wood waste, selling this wood on to the public for lower than current retail prices, using the wood to construct other wood products thus increasing its value, and then selling these products on to the public.

We also provide learning, work experience, and training opportunities for the local community. We’re driven by a need to participate in environmental improvement and to achieve social justice. We accomplish this by reusing and reclaiming wood waste that would otherwise go to landfill, and offering training, volunteering, and work opportunities to members of disadvantaged groups.

Our ethical, social and environmental objectives are reflected in our work and policies.

We promote green issues and link in with local forums/groups to ensure we are at the forefront of the local carbon reduction agenda.

Why recycle wood?

“Only 10% of the estimated 9 million tonnes of waste wood is recycled” – WRAP 2011

Most of the wood that we collect would, at very best, have been “down-cycled” into woodchip or, even worse, would have ended up decomposing in landfill sites, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere and therefore contributing to climate change. The construction industry currently sends 60% of its waste wood to landfills.

 “When wood waste decomposes in landfill it produces biogas, a mixture of CO2 and methane. Some of this biogas can be captured and used to generate heat or electricity. Nevertheless, [according to DEFRA] wood is responsible for around 5% of the UK’s landfill gas emissions. In contrast to food and garden waste, wood contains a large quantity of lignin, so it degrades much more slowly.” – WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme April 2011)

In addition to removing wood from this disposal route, by creating jobs, training, and volunteering opportunities, we help people to develop confidence and self-esteem and learn a range of useful transferable skills that will help them to get back into paid work, or provide satisfaction to someone who might otherwise feel unable to contribute to the wider community.

Part of an award winning network

East Midlands Wood Recycling CIC is a member of Community Wood Recycling, a network of social enterprises dedicated to promoting wood reuse and social justice. For more information, go to www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk.