East Midlands Wood Recycling

Moving to a new unit

Please note opening has been delayed until the 22nd February

We are currently trying to move all of our stock over to our new unit and this is taking longer than planned. there is a roof that need sealing, racking to build etc.  

As a result of this we will have to close the shop on Monday 6th February to the 22nd February to give us time to get on top of the move.  

From the 22nd of February we will be open for business in our new unit.  Details of the new unit will be on here from next week.

For the duration of February we will not be able to take on any bespoke work.

East Midlands Wood Recycling CIC is a Social Enterprise that has been set up to reclaim, reuse and recycle wood, providing good quality wood for sale to the public of Derby and beyond at a great price, wood that without our intervention may have been either chipped or sent to landfill before its useful life is over. We do this whilst providing opportunities for volunteering and training in the local community.

If you have wood to dispose of, we can save money on your disposal costs. We charge per cubic yard of timber taken with an aim of always being cheaper than a skip.

Learn more about how our enterprise was started and the social and environmental objectives that drive our work.

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